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Soon you will be surprised with the new changes that will be added into the game. A new layout and a new experience!
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Latest news

Recycling improved

The new tech Recycling has been released, each level increase the Recyclers ships output by 5%.
Also, a new Starbase Structure Ore Processor has been released, which turn any starbase into a huge Recycler itself. Each Ore Processor level increase the recycling by 10,000 debris per tick.
Check out our forum post about the new features

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About OuterCore

Welcome to OuterCore, a great space based MMPRPG. OuterCore is a space style RPG browser based game. You can start playing in less than 60 seconds! No downloads required!

Play against hundreds of other players to be the best, no matter your playing style!

Colonize planets, moons or asteroids. Build Starbases (mobile bases), 35 ships types, protect your colonies with highly advanced batteries and orbital defenses.

Face the aggressive AI players (NPC) if you dare! Outer Core truly does have something for everybody!

With 13 different defenses, 35 different ships, 30 different structures and 19 different technologies you will never run out of things to do!

The admins are constantly adding new features and releases to keep the game challenging and thriving! Got a great idea? Post it on the forums and next week you could see it in-game. We value the input of our players above all, so you can change the game!

You can try the Speed universe if you like it faster gameplay, or the bloody Deathmatch universe if all you want is action!

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