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Soon you will be surprised with the new changes that will be added into the game. A new layout and a new experience!
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Latest news

Borc auto build bases

A small change to better keep the game numbers.
Now when a Börc base get auto-disbanded, the bot will dispatch a colony fleet to colonize a new astro anywhere in the same galaxy.
This was a suggestion from Speed player John Smith, thanks mate.


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Bugs and cheating

The game is written to be balanced, no secret passages to give advantage to any player.

If a player find a bug, it have to be reported immediately. Tell us in details so we can reproduce it. After we confirm it, you might be rewarded with a coupon.

But if a player is caught exploring a unknown bug, and don&;t report it, he/she will be reprehended by:

  1. the adavantages acquired will be purged the best way possible
  2. first occurrence: 48 hours account economy subtracted
  3. second occurrence: 2 days suspension
  4. third occurrence: the account will be terminated

Can I have more than one account?

No. Only one account per game server is allowed.

If you share the same computer or IP address with someone, you cannot be at the same places (astros, debris piles, etc.).

You cannot attack together, nor occupy each others bases. In essence, you cannot create multiple accounts for credit sharing.

Those that play at the same computer (brothers, sisters, couples) are most welcome to play with us but need to follow the above rules. We do not force you to have premium account.

How can I play Outer-core?

All that is required to play Outer-core is a web browser with javascript and cookies enabled and an internet connection.
What is Outer-core?

Outer-core is an MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game), which you can play in your web browser for free.

This is a strategy space game, where you can build bases, improve it structures, build fleets, research new technologies, fight battles, make alliances, and a lot more.

You start with a skeleton fleet (colony ship, corvette and scouts), use it to build your first base in an empty astro.

How can I create my first base?

Click on Fleets menu link

You will find one fleet, click on it. It have a Colony Ship, that is the ship you need to create new bases.

The scouts, you use to reach other regions and find a good empty astro.

On the fleet page, you will find the Move option. Change the coordinate to the desired astro address, and send your fleet there. Upon land, click Colonize option.
Repairing base defenses

The bases defenses when damaged by an attack, will repair automatically every 5 minutes at the rate of 0.08%

That rate can be increased by researching Automated Repair, each level will add 0.01% per tick.

So if you have Automated Repair level 5, your repair rate per tick is 0.13%

You need to develop Subspace Communications, each level will grant one base to be linked to another.

The requirements to do the link is that each linking base need Research Labs level 18 minimum. The linked base (main lab base) need Research Labs level 24.

You can link several bases into one, or a base to another one having several sets of 2 or 3 bases.

Your linked bases active commanders will benefit the main lab by the sum of its levels elevated by 0.8.

Example: 5 bases with science secretary 5 levels each, the sum is 25.

25^0.8 = 13

You will get extra 13% discount to all researches, plus the main base science secretary and science minister if any.

Moving starbases

Click on your starbase overview page, than the Move tab link

There you will find the coord field to its destination, also it will show this lines:

  • You have to wait or cancel all ongoing construction, production and research.
  • The starbase will be unusable (no construction, production or research) while moving.
  • Your starbase moves at speed 0.01 lightyears * aerospike tech level.
  • You cannot recall it after launched!
  • You cannot move it to another galaxy without a stargate.
  • Your starbases can only use your own stargates.

Base Production

A quick way to order ships for production or manage production queues better is to use one of the Wildcards.
m - minute
h - hour
d - day
k - thousand
kk or M - million
and so on


  • 30m = 30 minutes - to order selected units for a 30 minutes production cycle
    (this will determine number of units closest to keep production queue busy for the period.)
  • 2h = 2 hour - to order selected units for a 2 hour production cycle
    (this will determine number of units closest to keep production queue busy for the period.)
  • 1d = 1 day - to order selected units for a 1 day production cycle
    (this will determine number of units closest to keep production queue busy for the period.)
  • 3k = 3 thousand - to order 3,000 of selected units.
  • 2kk (or 2M) = 2 million - to order 2,000,000 of selected units.

What are Spacegates?

Spacegates increases your fleet speed by 100% per level

If you have spacegate level 2, your corvettes will depart 200% faster from that base

If you have a base and a starbase at the same astro, building spacegates on both astros will not stack. Each spacegate will be selectable in the Fleet Move page, where you can set separated fee for both spacegates, the smaller could cost less, and the biggest costing more to be used by non allied players.

How can I charge for the use of my spacegates?

On each base where you have a spacegate, click on the Base Overview page, then on the Options tab

There you can set if the spacegate will be public (available to other players), how much to charge for it in percentage, and the threshold (fleets under X size will not pay). You can also set who you dont want to use it.

What benefits each astro type gives?

There are astros that give you more economy or construction/production.

Crystallines are the best to economy; moon give 3 econ to your cristal processor structure, and planet give 4!

Metallic in the other hand give you more metal, so it make your base production and construction way faster. Moon give 4 metal and planet 5 metal. A metallic planet can easily reach production 600.

Check the Help about Terrains page to more details.

What starbases are good for?

Starbases (SB) are similar to bases but in orbit. You can build it the same way as bases, thru a Colony Ship.
Move it into an astro of your desire, and click the Build link in the Fleet Overview page.

You can have 1 starbase per base. The cost of your first starbase is 5,000$, to the next one it will increase by 50%, and so one to the 3rd, 4th, etc.

Over the starbases you cannot build these type of structures:

  • Urban Structures
  • Gas Plants
  • Hidro Plants
  • Metal Refineries
  • Crystal Mines
  • Command Centers
  • Terraform
  • Arcology
  • Biosphere Modification
  • Tele-Transport Pod
  • Capital

What starbases can build:

  • Automated Factories
  • Solar Plants
  • Fusion Plants
  • Antimatter Plants
  • Solar Satellite
  • Economic Centers
  • Nanite Factories
  • Orbital Base
  • Orbital Shipyards
  • Research Labs
  • Robotic Factories
  • Shipyards
  • Spaceports
  • Spacegate
  • Starbase

What starbases are good for:

  • Can be built over asteroid belts, bases cannot Innocent
  • Can be built on astros where there is already a base or other starbases Grade
  • It generates 10~25 debris every full hour Cash [beta universe only]
  • It generates debris at asteroid belts hourly by 25 per SB level Hat
  • Good for producing ships near your enemies region or galaxy; restock FTs, HBs Evil
  • Good for increasing your economy Beer
  • Good for increasing your scanners capabilities Ghost
  • Good for increasing your research Crown
  • Good for reinforcing your defenses Angry
  • Can be moved

Why my base queue affects imediatelly my base?

It gives you a estimative, what you will have after it is completed.

It is necessary for the system to enable the queue links for the other structures that requires the benefits of the previous one, like more power or population.

If you have a few items on queue, and you add a Metal Refinery that increase your construction points, it will show a faster time for the next possible queues

How can I increase my account economy?

You need to build structures that generate Economy like Spaceports, Economy Centers and Capital.

Other structures also gives you economy; Urban Structures, Orbital Base, Shipyards, Orbital Shipyards, Orbital Base, Metal Refineries, Robotic Factories, Nanite Factories, Android Factories and Biosphere Modification.

One important point about Spaceports. The economy it brings is accumulative. Level 1 gives you 1 econ, level 2 more 2 econ, level 3 will result in 6 econ in total and so on.

Check this table:


Level Econ boost
1 1$
2 3$
3 6$
4 10$
5 15$
6 21$
7 28$
8 36$
9 45$
10 55$


  1. Free accounts spaceports are limited to the amount of bases the player have. So if you have 5 bases, you cannot build spaceports level 6.
  2. Premium accounts have no limits to build it, but the accumulative economy holds when the structure level reaches the player amount of bases.
  3. if you have 8 bases, all additional spaceport levels higher than 8 will give the same econ as level 8: 36$, when you build another base, the bonus will increase accordingly.

What are coupons?

Coupons are a dynamic mobile form of Premium Time.
You can purchase coupons, or get one for 2 days when your account reach level 15 and 30.
The advantage of coupons are that you can activate it when you see fit, or you can give it to other players.
A new feature has been added to coupons, it can now be used to double your income every hour, for 1 day for coupons of 2 days, 3 days for coupons of 5 days.
We also plan to implement some forms of win coupons, as in special missions, random events, loots, etc.
I noticed that my account will expire in a few days. What does that mean?

Every new player starts off with an premium account lasting 5 days (or 2 days to speed universe).
After those initial days, the account turns into a free account unless the owner of the account (or anyone else) upgrade it to Premium.
After my premium account expires what happens?

After your premium account expires your account becomes a free account, limited in some features. Check the Premium page for the limitations.

How can I join an alliance?

You&;ll notice there are several alliances here.
You can either create your own or join one of the existing alliances that are already established.
You&;ll learn in time that an alliance can offer you brotherhood, guidance and safety. The only way to join an alliance is to request to join one (you will not receive an invitation).
To request to join an existing alliance, or create your own alliance, simply go to the Alliance link and select one in the list or create a new one where you will be the Alliance Master. You need to be 3 days account to create one.

What is an alliance?

An Alliance is a group of players, with common objectives, organized to better play the game.
They can protect each other, teach how to play, move as one to attack or defend against other players and alliances.


Deep Space Probe is a special ship with highly advanced scanners

It can detect the astros, bases and fleets from a region, and save it in the Probe DB

The data will be available for 30 days for premium accts or 10 days for free accts

You can also access your alliance probe data thru the same search form

This data will be used to assemble a View of the probed astros, with the intel (a picture) of the probe

Your probed regions will be highlighted at the galaxy map

You can search the Probe DB thru the Probe DB tab at any Astro

Repairing ships

To repair a damaged ship, your fleet needs to be stationary; in orbit around an astro with repair ships or a friendly base (allied or your own).
Each repair tick (every 5 minutes) will fix your ships a bit (200$*[repair tech level] credits for the base, 10$*[repair tech level] credits for each repair ship).
A simple example, you have a Dreadnought damaged 50% in orbit one of your bases, where you have 10 repair ships and your repair tech is level 1.
Each damage point costs half the original ship price to be repaired
Then 50% damaged costs 10000/2*50%=2500$ to be fixed
Every 5 minutes, your repair capacity will be (200*1) + 10*(10*1)=300 credits
It will take 8.3 (9 actual) ticks to repair the Dread
You can check each fleets repair capacity in the Fleet Overview page, that page also shows each damaged ship, the cost to repair and how many ticks.

How many fleets can I have?

Any number, the limits here are how many astros you can have fleet on orbit.

The limit is your computer tech level, and your number of bases * 2.

10 bases *2 + tech 15 = 35.

Occupations don&;t count, so if you have 10 occupations, your limit will extend by 10.

Defense Ship

The defense ship is a very useful addition to any fleet.
It extends its shields to protect smaller ships, such as fighters, bombers, and heavy bombers.
When you are attacking, you do not need to enter a number into the defense ship field; it will act automatically, even if the units are in another fleet in orbit of the same astro.

You have 2 fleets on an astro, 1 of which has 10 defense ships.

An enemy player lands and attacks your second fleet, which is composed by 200 fighters.
The shield distribution will be:
total of defense ships * it shields / total of small ships * hangar space needed
10 * 40 / 200 * 1
400 / 200 = 2
However, there is a top limit, defense ships cannot extend the shields to cover more than 2 shield per ship.
because of this, your Fighters would fight as 4/4 (2) [ attack/defense (shield) ].
The Defense Ship shielding will be higher based on your Shielding tech.

Gate Ships

The Gateships are equivalent to Space Gates level 1, but mobile.

If you have a gate ship over one astro, any of your fleets or fleets from your alliance can benefits the speed boost (+100% speed).
It is not an accumulative bonus, several gateships wont make it faster.

Recall fleet

While a fleet is heading to a coordinate, you can recall it any time.
The fleet will turn back to the original coordinate. Then, you can recall again turning back to the first destination! And so on, and on...

Can I send a fleet to more than one destination?

Yes, it is called Waypoints.
In the Move Fleet page, you can inform more than one coordinat, or select more than one option in the Coords List with your bases, fleets, bookmarks and occupations.
After reaching the first destination, your fleet will wait the auto-launch that happen every 5 minutes server time (0m, 5m, 10m, ...)
You can use it to take the advantage of a base with Jump Gate, or more than one base, to finally reach your intended destination.

How is an alliance level calculated?

Alliance level = (sum(fleet) + avg(tech^1.2) + 100*(sum(econ)) ^ 0.225

Alliance economy = Sum of members economy

Alliance tech = Sum of members tech

Alliance fleet = Sum of members fleet

How is a player level calculated?

Player Level = (fleet + tech + economy*100 + defense/10) ^ 0.225
Player Defense = Total credits expended on bases defenses
Player Tech = Total of credits expended on research
Player Economy = Total of bases economies
Fleet = Total of credits spent on the current ships of the player

How is the XP calculated?

The formula is secret, but it benefits you when the defender is higher level

And in battle with the game bot, you will get XP as high as 5% total fleets losses if your account level is low.  As your account level grow closer to the top 1 player, the XP from the bot will be reduced by 90% proportionally

Why do BORC bases have a stability level?

While a BÖRC base is occupied, its stability reduces 2% per day, when it reach 0%, the base is disbanded.
A BORC base that is not occupied will lose 1% per day.

Who are the iCORE?

The iCORE alliance are the automated players (artificial intelligence)
BORG is the most advanced player, have really high tech and very strong bases
BORC and the others are the cannon fodder, BORC inherits deactivated users bases, so it is a good thing for hinting and hitting its bases
Also, there is a protection system reagarding BORC bases, if your level is above 20, you cannot occupy BORC bases that has Economy under the double of your level value. So if your level is 30, BORC bases economy under 60 are safe from you Smile

Protection levels

Players cannot hit other players that are under 30% of the player rank 1 level
Example, if the top player level is 150, 30% = 45, and your level is 75, you cannot hit any players between level 30 and 120
Players bellow level 30 also cannot hit you or they will lose their protection for 72 hours
Players above level 120 cannot hit you outside your own bases or starbases
New bases cannot be hit in its first 48 hours
Any ships at empty astros or bases from other players, can be hit by anyone
If a strong player hit any ship from a weaker player over an empty astro, the attacked can respond without losing level protection for 72 hours

How is debris generated?

there are 3 possibilities:

- when a fleet is destroyed (the amount resulted is bases on the owner armour tech level *2 in percentage)
- when a fleet is disbanded (generates 50% the fleet size in debris)
- asteroid belts release 10 to 25 debri per hour until the debris belt depletes (except argos server)
-- also, if the asteroid belt has a Starbase, the debris released is increased by 25 debris per SB level.

Note the difference between Debris and Debris belt. The first one is available to be recycled, the other one need a SB.

What are debris for?

Debris are a very useful resource. They can be recycled and transformed into credits.

To recycle you need to build the Recycler Ship or Heavy Recycler Ship.

Those ships can recycle 10 and 15 debri hourly (on the half-hour) respectively.

The Recycler ship engines use aerospike technology, so it can&;t travel to other galaxies without a Space Gate.

The Heavy unit use hyperdrive engine, so it can reach other galaxies by itself.

Fleet maintenance tax

Some Outer-core universes charge a daily percentage for your fleet total

It starts at 1% when your fleet reach 10k, and the tax increases by 1% in the next totals:

1 mi 2%
10 mi 3%
100 mi 4%
1 bi 5%

If your credits go too low then your balance will be negative, you won&;t be able to construct or product anything until you find more credits by recycling. You can disband fleets which will result in debris.