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Borc auto build bases

A small change to better keep the game numbers.
Now when a Börc base get auto-disbanded, the bot will dispatch a colony fleet to colonize a new astro anywhere in the same galaxy.
This was a suggestion from Speed player John Smith, thanks mate.

Capture the Flag

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Tue, 09/18/2012 - 10:01 -- admin

This is at most a draft or a brainstorm of what that new feature could be
This page is still a secret, please do not disclosure unless authorized by me, the mighty Admin :D

  1. The Flag is an BOT Starbase (from Börg, Börc or a new AI player)
  2. It will relocate to a new random astro at any galaxy every 3 days, no matter what
  3. the bot will disclosure automatic tips/hints on a new Block to be placed on the side of the page, it will also report any actions envolving the flag
  4. It will be guarded by the SB owner, with an fleet equilvalent of the top 5 ranked player avg. fleets 
  5. If conquered, the one that do it will get good bonus:

    1. like 100 times his Economy?
    2. 20% his current Bank balance?
    3. Discount for a next base?
  6. Every couple hours under occ, the bot will dispatch increasingly fleet to try free itself
  7. Börg will dispatch a good killing fleet every half a day
  8. it the bots succeed, the Starbase defenses will be fully recharged
  9. all alliance members will be granted the Hourly Double Economy while the alliance hold the Flag
  10. That Starbase itself will give 10% bonus instead the usual 1%
  11. Extra 20% market bonus for all alliance members on top their current bonus
  12. If the occupator manages to keep it for over 60 hours straight, he will be granted a free coupon for 7 days

    1. all alliance members will get 20% discount option for purchasing premium time and coupons