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Soon you will be surprised with the new changes that will be added into the game. A new layout and a new experience!
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Latest news

Borc auto build bases

A small change to better keep the game numbers.
Now when a Börc base get auto-disbanded, the bot will dispatch a colony fleet to colonize a new astro anywhere in the same galaxy.
This was a suggestion from Speed player John Smith, thanks mate.

The OuterCore Game

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The game consists in building your empire by colonizing planets, moons and asteroids.
You start with one Base in a random astro, to access it click on the Empire link on the game menu to find it and to improve the base by building structures, and later defenses and reseaching new technologies that will open more options.
You also start with a Colony Ship, useful to colonize another base right away. Access the Maps link and choose an empty Planet, Moon or Asteroid.
You get more ships in your Starter Kit fleet, like the Corvette to protect the Colony Ship, and a Scout that can explore the galaxy.
You can move your fleet through the Fleets page, you will find your Starter Kit fleet there.
We recommend that you pick a moon, with high metal, fertility and solar. You will understand why with time and practice. Check under Help - Terrains tab to know all about the astros.
After you colonize your bases, build a few Metal Refineries, to improve your construction capacity. Build a Research Lab so you can start researching, and build some levels of Shipyards to build your ships.
Take advantage of the first week double economy for new accounts! Boost your bases economies higher as you can.
Have fun, and contact us if you have any question or suggestion!
regards, The OuterCore Team
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