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A new OuterCore is arriving ...

Soon you will be surprised with the new changes that will be added into the game. A new layout and a new experience!
Wait for it...

OuterCore News

All players now have open queues while it does not go above 24 hours.
And the queue pages are way faster, we added some AJAX features. 


If a base get attacked, and its defenses damaged, that base production will not get the bonus from barracks if it is damaged.
And if the damage is above 50%, it will not possible to build marines at all until the damage is repaired bellow 50%.

TAGS: Defenses

Deathmatch next round starts tomorrow! Win the round and you&;ll be awarded with 3 coupons. Can you do it?

We have a poll in our forums to decide if we will open a new server
Several players have been asking for a new challenge
We opened a forum thread to debate what rules that server will have, which new features etc.
You can cast your vote now or post your thoughts here

Free accounts can now use the Production Center page, if his/her account grown 1% in XP in the past week
You only need to use your fleet a bit, attacking players of the AI, to increase your XP by 1%.  The Production Center is a great tool, saving you a lot of time without having to micro manage your bases production by visiting it one by one